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ShopLoader Live Shop Schedule

See your shop load at a glance and make informed decisions on job placement by technician and skill.  ShopLoader lets you see the work your techs have and easily schedule jobs in the next available opening.

ShopLoader Daily Arriving Jobs Page

The dashboard screen provides a quick summary of all of the upcoming jobs that are scheduled for that day.

ShopLoader Users Page

The “Users” page allows a manager to add, edit, and delete users. It also provides the ability to filter through users according to their job type. Schedules, profiles, and contact information will be added for all users. In addition, skills and skill ranking will be added for technicians.

ShopLoader Technician Schedule

Techs can see and easily update their schedule to maximize workflow & hours!

ShopLoader Job Labels Page

The "Labels" page allows operators to add, edit, and delete labels. Labels give visibility to certain types of jobs that are important to the shop.

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