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Hi I’m Garrett Ming - 26 ½ veteran in retail automotive service, founder of KABI Automotive, and co-creator of ShopLoader.  I’d like to share with you why we created ShopLoader.


There is no inventory that an auto dealership has that’s more valuable than their shop labor inventory.  When looking at the numbers, shop labor inventory is King!

70%+ gross profit in the average shop on every billable hour, it far exceeds any of the other inventories and more than doubles a dealer’s average Parts gross percentage. With shop rates surpassing the $100/hour range in the U.S. the ability to successfully turn your shop labor inventory could be the difference between a great month and an average month.


Most dealers have had to put up with poor shop scheduling and loading. Almost every system being marketed to dealers does a lousy job and this has hindered service managers’ ability to successfully turn their shop labor inventory. In my 26 ½ years working in a dealership, we had tried many of the traditional scheduling and loading tools with limited success.  

I’d say 90% of the problem is due to the way these systems work.  What I mean is they don’t schedule work to the next available technician that has the skill to do the work.  All of the work would come in unassigned and the advisors, dispatchers or team leaders would have to assign the job and hope that the assigned techs had time to look at the job that day.  Many jobs were not looked at until 2-3 days later.  Asking advisors to “buy more time” at write up because the job was scheduled wrong created CSI time bombs. Just as big and more costly was the problem when techs would run out of work in the middle of the day because we had not scheduled enough work in their skill area.  Ironically, both of these problems would occur simultaneously everyday in our shop and from what I’ve discovered in shops across America. And that’s why we created ShopLoader.


ShopLoader is a scheduling/loading/dispatching system that allows you to fully utilize every technician everyday to maximize your ability to turn your shop’s labor inventory. It is a SaaS system which basically means that it runs on the same computers that you use currently so, most of the time, you will not need to purchase hardware.  


ShopLoader lets your advisors and schedulers quickly find the next opening for your customer’s primary concern by using the “Add New Job” button.  

Technicians can see all the jobs they have coming in and block extra repair time on their weekly schedule.  Techs can also block their vacation and training time so there is no overbooking.  You will be giving your techs a tool to increase their flag hours per day that ultimately will lead to greater inventory turn throughout your shop.  Work is graphically displayed to make it easy to see and fill openings.

Our shops are seeing record months in sales and gross and winning prestigious awards for CSI – let us help you do the same with ShopLoader!

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