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“Hi Tom, this is Judy. I called last week, set up a service appointment for yesterday morning and you haven’t looked at my vehicle yet.  Poor service!  I want a loaner!”
“Hello, this is Tom with Home Town Chevrolet can I help you?”

Traditional dealer’s scheduling systems provide no visibility of technician schedules when making an appointment.  Lack of shop load visibility by technician/skill causes your people to guess and guessing isn’t a recipe for consistent success.


Unfortunately, this scenario happens way too often in dealership service departments across the U.S. and the primary cause is poor scheduling not the adviser.

Shop Loader


The dashboard screen provides a quick summary of all of the upcoming jobs that are scheduled for that day.

The SHOP SCHEDULE page provides a clear visual for every user to quickly see where the openings are for today and future days.  With this information, jobs get scheduled correctly, jobs get started on-time, and the shop's capacity/potential is realized daily. 

Techs can see and easily update their schedule to maximize workflow & hours!

The "Labels" page allows operators to add, edit, and delete labels. Labels give visibility to certain types of jobs that are important to the shop.

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